Seth Carnell | Director of Media

It is my passion to tell stories and, I believe, it is my God-given gift. It’s easy to find inspiration in God’s work through people and places, and it is a privilege to share stories for a living. Whether it’s by helping individual ministries with their audio and video needs, orchestrating the tech needs of a Sunday morning, or telling stories through video, my role here at Christ Church is to provide a complementary and pleasing audio/visual experience.

If you wish to strike up a conversation with me, sports is a good way to go. As a Colorado native and spending my early years in Missouri, I am a Denver Broncos and a St. Louis Cardinals fan. Living in Kansas City doesn’t make this very easy.

I am extremely blessed to have a beautiful wife, McKenna, and we have a wonderful, clever, and ornery little boy, Charlie. I am also very blessed to have this community at Christ Church filled with friends who are more like family.