Take a look below for a short description about each of our current Life Groups.  If a group sounds like a good fit for your life, please contact that team’s leader to learn more.

Or to learn more about how to get connected into a brand new Life Group, contact our Director of Life Groups, Beth Dixon, at beth.dixon8@gmail.com.

The Angell’s & Fore’s Group

When: Every other Friday

Where: In the various homes of our group members

Description: Our group is made up of 40-somethings with school-aged kids (none beyond High School … yet). We start with casual conversation and dinner. The host provides main dish and we all fill in the meal around that. After dinner we spend the rest of the time on our study and discussion.

Contact Info: To learn more, contact Corey Fore (coreyfore@hotmail.com).

* This group is currently at capacity, but we hope to make room for new members in the near future.

The Baker’s Group

When: 2nd Friday of each month

Where: Different people’s homes around the KC metro

Description: Every time we get together we eat a potluck style dinner, study whatever curriculum we’re on at that moment, and close our time by praying together. Our group is mostly married couples in their late 20’s and 30’s with younger kids (8 and under). We are a very social group and are a great support for one another.

Contact Info: To learn more, contact Mike Baker (785.727.9277 or mbaker@affinityhomeloan.com)

The Coleson Group

When: Tuesday Evenings

Where: Christ Church Overland Park

Description: Our cast of characters covers the range of age groups and varied walks of life. We seek to love, learn, and grow together through scripture, serving, and lots of laughter. We have room for you!

Contact Info: To learn more, contact Jeremy Coleson (jeremy.coleson@gmail.com).

The Dekker’s & Adams’ Group

When: Every Sunday evening


Description: We are a group of people in our 30’s – 50’s (single & married) who love sharing a good meal, studying the Bible, and praying together.

Contact Info: Please contact Kim Dekker (KSDekker@att.net) or Kristin Adams (adamsfam1033@yahoo.com) to learn more about this group.

The Dixon’s Group

When: 1st and 3rd Thursdays

Where: In various homes often located in the Mission, KS area

Description: Each time we meet we enjoy dinner, study the Bible, and pray together. We’re a medley of singles and couples, men and women, in our 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. We laugh a lot, and we are committed to figuring out what a “healthy dessert” is.

Contact Info: Please contact Beth Dixon (beth.dixon8@gmail.com or 913 706 6159)  to learn more about this group.

The Forster & Welch’s Group

When: Every other Tuesday evening

Where: In the home of a group member

Description: We characterize ourselves as the “single 20s-30s group who love all things sci-fi and nerdy.” Our get together typically consist of eating dessert, discussing each other’s lives and prayer requests, studying the Bible, and praying. We also love hanging out beyond our formal group times – going to movies, out to eat, etc.

Contact Info: Please contact Kat Forster (katharine.h.forster@gmail.com) or Kelli Welch (kelli.welch@gmail.com) to learn more about this group.

The Horner’s Group

When: Tuesday nights from 6-8:15pm

Where: At Christ Church Overland Park

Description: We start with a delicious dinner, discuss our Bible Study, and pray together. We are made up of couples and singles in our 50s. It’s an amazing group of people sharing life together.

Contact Info: Please contact Chuck and Susie Horner, SRLHorner@aol.com, to learn more about this group.

The Norris’ Group

When: Tuesday nights at 6pm

Where: Christ Church

Description: We are made up of couples in or near retirement age who enjoy sharing a good meal, discussing Spiritual studies, praying together, and serving others in Jesus name.

Contact Info: To learn more, contact Jim Norris (jrnkufan@gmail.com) or Diane Norris (d.jean.norris@gmail.com)

The Rainwater & Marshall’s Group

When: Tuesday Evenings

Where: Christ Church Overland Park

Description: We are a group of families with kids, couples, and singles in our 20s and 30s. Our group time starts out with sharing a meal together followed by a discussion around the Bible or another Christian book. Currently we are studying Ephesians through the lens of Tom Wright’s “For Everyone” commentary. Spending time together outside of small group is also a common occurrence – going to movies, restaurants, etc.

Contact Info: To learn more, contact Joshua Rainwater (joshuajrainwater@gmail.com).

The Rash’s Group

When: Thursday nights

Where: Various homes in the Overland Park & Leawood area

Description: We’re a loving and fun group that genuinely cares for each other. We seek both personal and group growth through study, service, special events, praying together & playing together.

Contact Info: To learn more, contact Scott Rash (sdrash@me.com or 303.875.6294) or Karen Rash (krashlanding411@yahoo.com or 913.742.0474).

The Rice’s Group

When: Every other Thursday from 7:00 – 8:30pm

Where: The home of different group members

Description: We are a mixed group of single folks and married folks over the age of 50 and enjoy a time of hospitality before digging into our study and conversation.

Contact Info: To learn more, contact Jan Rice (jan@ccmaterial.com) or Dave Rice (luvjesse073@gmail.com)

The Schroeder’s Group

When: Every other Friday during the fall and spring semesters

Where: Christ Church’s Chapel

Description: We gather for fellowship, dessert, study and prayer … peppered with copious amounts of laughter.

Contact Info: To learn more, contact Tammi Schroeder (tammischroeder@gmail.com or 913.593.1034).