If we want to know what someone thinks about God, we should listen to their prayers.

Do they ask God only for health and prosperity, or for others’ salvation? Do they appeal for God’s intervention like they would present a business proposal or as a child petitioning their father?

In John 17, we’re allowed to eavesdrop on one of Jesus’ prayers.

Although it is only moments before he will be betrayed, beaten and crucified, Jesus takes time to pray on behalf of his disciples. He shows his heartfelt concern, not only for those he has walked with for three years, but for those who would later hear his message – including you and me.

God is not far off, and Jesus’ concern for us is not distant. He prayed for us. Even today, he continues to make appeals on our behalf (1 John 2:1). Join us for this four-week sermon series as we learn straight from Jesus and his prayers.


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