The story of Ruth is the classic love story of the bible.

The backdrop is quaint and bucolic; the characters ­– complex and interesting. The narrative follows a woman, Ruth, and her widowed mother-in-law, Naomi, for whom she serves as caregiver. Ruth and Naomi are vulnerable. As two single women, they find themselves on the lower margins of society.

Enter Boaz, a ruggedly striking farmer who makes a kind gesture toward Ruth. It is because of this act that Ruth hatches a plan for a midnight meet-up with Boaz where she would confess her desire and put all her hopes in his response.

Ruth is a story about ordinary, unassuming people. It celebrates virtuous womanhood and strong manhood. It reminds us that God is active in the daily realities and relationships of our lives.

And at the heart of this story is a key theme – kindness.

Join us for four-weeks in November as we explore The Kindness of God through the story of Ruth.


    • Nov 5 –   Lament  (Ruth 1)
    • Nov 12 – Commitment  (Ruth 2)
    • Nov 19 – Faith  (Ruth 3)
    • Nov 26 – Redemption  (Ruth 4)

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