An Update About Resuming Onsite Services

Easter greetings in Jesus’ name!

Dean and I have prepared a video to answer questions about when Christ Church will once again be hosting public Sunday worship services onsite. If you just want the headline, here it is – we’ve heard from our Bishop, from the State and local authorities, and from all of you in our survey, and the earliest possible date that we will reconvene is Sunday, June 7. This date is far from a guarantee, but at least we now have a roadmap, of sorts, that helps us begin to plan. More details are in the video above. I encourage all of you to read the State’s plan by clicking here. Johnson County has also published this reopening chart.

Let me also remind all of you that tomorrow is the collection day for our food drive. You can drop items off at either Christ Church OP or at Christ Church Mission from 10am to noon. More details (including a food list) can be found here.

Remember, keep your eyes on Jesus.

In Christ’s love,

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