Are Masks Among Us? They Are! Is the Spirit Here? He is!

We’ll be back again this Sunday with in-person worship!*

However, there is a change this week. Masks will be required at all services (OP and Mission, indoor and outdoor). We are taking this step in accordance with local health guidelines. Masks should be worn by everyone (ages 5 and up).  We are committed to keeping each other safe and this is an important way that we can do that.

Another way that we can keep each other safe on Sundays is by maintaining a little distance. Please be mindful of your spacing – both where you set your seat and how you are practicing hospitality before and after the service. A 6-foot distance is a good rule of thumb.

Look, I know these things are strange and can serve as distractions to our familiar movements of worship. For Pete’s sake, in Mission, a neighbor fired up a weed whacker during the communion prayer! What we need to remember, though, is that when the community of Jesus-followers gather together, the Spirit always shows up.

We might be wrestling our kids, or sweating through our shirt, or longing to give a hug to a friend that we’ve missed … but nothing can break the connection between us that binds Christian-to-Christian in faith and love.

Similarly, when our circumstances seem strange and uncomfortable, we must not forget that God is present with us. This week we will see that perfectly illustrated in the story of Stephen. When Stephen was at his lowest, the Bible tells us that he looked up into heaven and saw Jesus Christ. What did he see Jesus DOING?  We’ll discover that together on Sunday.

Remember that our services will be shorter to accommodate families with children and don’t forget that RSVP’s are requested for the 8:30am OP service and the 9am Mission service.  (No RSVP needed for 9am in OP).


*We will continue to send out great worship videos for those who would prefer to worship at home for now.

We send emails throughout the week with various updates, video, and content.  If you’d like to receive those emails (for either Overland Park or Mission) CLICK HERE to sign up!

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