A Conversation with Alison Barfoot

Greetings in Jesus’ name!

We have another special treat this week! Last week, we were able to hear from one of our full-time missionaries, Dr. Katie Rhoads. This week we get to hear from our other full-time missionary, Alison Barfoot. Alison left Christ Church in 2004 to follow a call where she works for the Church of Uganda. In addition, Alison works to identify, raise up, and train missional leaders who will take the Gospel to east Africa and beyond. Last week we talked to a missionary who is stuck in a Covid trap away from her place of ministry; this week Alison explains what it’s like to be stuck in a Covid trap in Uganda and what that means for her everyday life.

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Keep your eyes on Jesus! Stay in the Word and in worship – either in person or online. And don’t spend too much time consuming media, social or otherwise; it’s not good for your soul.


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