Navigating the Political Climate

Greetings in Jesus’ name!

Wow! What a sports night for KC. Before I get to the Chiefs, I must give a shout out to Royal’s rookie pitcher, Brady Singer, who pitched a no-hitter into the 8th inning. He has a very promising future. Now, how about those CHIEFFFFS! It’s the 4th quarter and the good guys are up 31-7. The season is off to a great start. Football is good.

There are two things I want to remind you about for this coming Sunday. First, we will finish our 4-week sermon series, Fully Alive – online and onsite. Our next series, Extending the Table, will begin the following Sunday and will be the curriculum for our upcoming Life Group study. If you are not in a Life Group and would like to participate, please CLICK HERE.

Also, this Sunday evening at 7pm our Bishop, Todd Hunter, will join us on Zoom to discuss a very important subject – politics. Simply use the button below at 7pm on Sunday to log on; the link will be sent again on Sunday morning.

I asked Bishop Todd to do this because our country is as politically polarized as I’ve ever seen. Even people in the business and news media agree that there is a level of anger and toxicity to our political discourse that is beyond anything in recent history. And now that the election is ramping up, that discussion is only going to become more highly charged.

This poses many questions for the Church. How do we keep this political polarization from dividing congregations? Can we remain brothers and sisters in Christ if everyone who disagrees with us is a fool at best or, at worst, evil to the core? How do we know what is true (can we know what is true?) given that the various media outlets present such different interpretations of events that one could easily conclude that they are not even talking about the same things? How can we be salt and light in the darkness of our politics? And, many more. 

The event on Sunday will not last more than an hour. The format will be simple. Bishop Todd will share some of his thoughts and then he will take a few questions. As preparation, here is an excellent article I read recently that was sent to me by a friend. It is brief, but very good. I hope you will read it and then join us on Sunday.

As always, remember to keep your eyes on Jesus! Stay in the Word and in worship, either in person or online. And don’t spend too much time consuming media, social or otherwise; it’s not good for your soul.


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