An Exciting End-of-Year Opportunity

Christmas Greetings in Jesus’ name!

What many of us have been wanting for quite some time happens this week – we get to turn the page and move on from 2020! What a year it has been! Of course there have been many wonderful things that have occurred, but, overshadowing everything, good or bad, has been the pandemic and all of its ripple effects. So much has been lost. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to count the cost because it is so high.

It’s been a very hard year which is why I am so excited about the opportunity before us as we bring 2020 to a close.

As I have mentioned before, we have the opportunity to do something great for God’s kingdom as this year ends. Thanks to your amazing generosity and reduced expenses due to Covid-19, our Controller, Kim Dekker, projects that we are in the black. This means that, as promised, every dollar of surplus will be given beyond the walls of Christ Church – adding it to the “Hospitable Mission” category of our Bring Life to Others fundraising effort. These funds will help our international and local mission partners, as well as extend the hospitality of God to our school partners and neighborhoods.

This is fantastic!

I love the fact that we get to see part of God’s redemption. The very thing that has done so much damage, also reduced our expenses so we can use more money to advance God’s kingdom beyond our walls. Praise the Lord! If we fulfill our yearly pledge commitments and have strong year-end giving this week, we could be left with $100K – or more! Let’s bring this year to a close with a huge kingdom win.

It is such a privilege to be your Sr. Pastor. My love for and commitment to this community has never been stronger. You are incredible people! Keep your eyes on Jesus.


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