A Response to Yesterday’s Events

from Patrick & Dean

Like all of you, yesterday we watched our democracy come under attack from its own citizens.  It is a tragic testimony to the division and hostility that exists in our nation.

As Christians, we reject that the use of force is the path to change.  The Zealots of Jesus’ day, and likely some of his disciples, believed that the Kingdom would be ushered in through political power.  Jesus clearly rejected that path.  Instead, he brought the kingdom by humbling himself and taking on the nature of a servant (see Philippians 2).  Yesterday, we saw many Christian banners and flags in the midst of the rioting.  That Jesus is not the Jesus we read about in the gospels and that we love and serve.

As Christian Americans, our ultimate allegiance lies in the Kingdom of God, not in the American government.  However, we do believe that a free democracy is the best system for faith to thrive and for the church to grow in peace.  In a democracy, disputes must be settled peacefully through legal means or else it cannot survive, and peaceful transitions of power are what distinguishes the United States from many other nations around the world.

So, this morning we pray for our nation.

We pray for those who are still confused or concerned about what has happened with our election; may God calm the chaos and bring clarity.  We pray for ALL of our government officials, those who are finishing their terms and those who are starting new ones; may God give them humility, service, and wisdom as they serve our nation during this very difficult time.  We pray for you – our church.  May God fill your heart with love for your neighbor, even if he/she differs from you politically.  May we be people who understand that our words have the power of life and death (Proverbs 18:21).  Let us use our words to build up and not to tear down.  May God use the simple love and service of his people to begin a healing work in our nation.


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