Derek Metcalf | Priest

My path toward the Anglican Church began long before I knew where it was headed. It was the rich liturgical practices, beauty in worship, and recognizable continuity with the early church that drew me in.

My path toward ordination has been similar.

Following a call that landed heavy and undefined in my early 20’s, and being prodded along by a love for Scripture and the church, I now find myself nearing the priesthood in my latter 30’s.

Currently, I am privileged to serve as an assisting priest at Christ Church, while continuing my ministry as a Classical Greek teacher at Whitefield Academy.

I am married to my best friend, Katie, and together we have three children. I love this bunch and they get the best of my time. We jump on the trampoline, play board games, build Legos, and read great books together. On those rare occasions when I catch that elusive phantom called “free time” I will, in all probability, be found reading theology or classic literature, watching Manchester City chase the quadruple, or dusting off those disc golf discs that in a former life governed my calendar.