Mark Maschger | Deacon

Let me start by expressing my appreciation to Christ Church for making this season of preparation possible.

My wife, Leslie, and I have been connected to Christ Church since 2001. We actively worshipped here until about 2010, when our family needed us to stay closer to home. We have always lived in the Lee’s Summit area and found a church there for our son to be involved in. As it turned out, my training from Christ Church was useful in this new season of ministry.

In 2014, I responded to an invitation to learn more about ordination within the United Methodist Church. While being a lifelong Anglican and sensing a call to ordained ministry since my teenage years, it seemed that a door had opened and I jumped through it. I eventually became licensed as the Associate Pastor at Church of the Resurrection in Blue Springs.

As I began to study and practice ministry, however, my affection and attachment to Anglican Christianity remained, and ultimately, drew me back to my roots.

My path has required two full vetting processes toward a still uncertain future. To this point, I am still working full time as a commercial real estate appraiser. We have recently downsized and our two children are now mostly independent. We are eager to discover what God will soon reveal, and in the meantime, delighted to be learning and serving again at Christ Church.