T4E_CarterHornerLaughingWe are dedicated to bringing theology back to the heart of the church, because theology is for everyone – not just academics.

However, we know the word “theology” can be intimidating for people. It sounds like something meant just for pastors. The reality, though, is that “theology” is simply being able to speak about your faith. That’s why, a few times a year, we offer what’s called Theology for Everyone.

The intention of Theology for Everyone is to anchor big, theological subjects to our everyday lives. It seeks to engage those who want to enrich their understanding of biblical themes and strengthen their faith in Jesus. Of course, this can be done by intellectual exploration of scripture and scholarly works as well as by experiencing the arts.

While the topics of every Theology for Everyone event are different, the same values are always present – hospitality and excellence:

  • Most Theology For Everyone events are accompanied by warm conversation, great food, and an opportunity to process what you’re learning with those sitting at your table or in your group.