Helping Kids Make Connections to God, Caring Adults, and One Another

Parenting is an extremely rewarding and overwhelming role, with each stage bringing new challenges.

From the birth of your child until adulthood, we want to partner with you in the spiritual formation your kids. We want you to know that you are not alone in raising them to be thriving, spiritually alive persons.

We believe God works powerfully through a web of relationships in the church to support children as they seek to understand who God is and who he has created them.

Important milestones such as baptism and confirmation give kids a framework for lifelong discipleship, while weekly programming helps establish a solid foundation in biblical truth. Our hope is that your child’s experiences continue on and encourage spiritual conversations at home.

Please join us as we help your children make connections: to God through Jesus, to caring adults committed to partnering with you, and to one another in lasting friendships.