“I love spending time with the kids: knowing what their interests are, seeing them develop friendships with each other, and they always manage to make me laugh. And not only do I enjoy helping them in their walk with Christ, but serving also helps ME grow and mature as a Christian. Serving with Student Life has been
one of the most fun and rewarding things I’ve ever done.”
– Rob Stoddard (Middle School Boys Volunteer)

June 23 – 28

Soul in the City is an immersive service experience for middle and high school students.

They’ll spend the week playing together, serving throughout our city, and growing alongside a small group of their peers, led by great adults.  Soul in the City is open to all middle and high school students, whether they attend Christ Church or not.

In order to make this week a great experience for our students, we need LOTS of help! Will you please consider working alongside our students in some way?

Simply sign up below.

Contact Ryder Mills, rydermills.cca@gmail.com, to learn more about Soul in the City.