Helping … and Being Helped

During this pandemic, many of us are experiencing an inner pull to contribute to the wellbeing of our fellow church members, neighbors, and even beyond.  Patrick and I still think that the very best way for us to do that is to respond to the needs that we see around us personally.  Reach out to the person on your street who you think might be in need or lonely; make a phone call to a person at church that you want to check-in on.  God can use us to bless many people all over our city through our relational networks.

However, we are also ready to start organizing around a few initiatives together as a church.  We’ve purposefully been waiting for the needs around us to materialize and be more identifiable; we want to be sure that our “help” is actually helping.  As the needs are now beginning to become clear, we want to share them with you and invite you to participate in meeting them. We’re going to begin this week with two.

1.  Thanking Medical Professionals Initiative – We want to thank the people at Christ Church who are serving as frontline medical professionals by sending them a care package.  Many of their (already taxing) jobs have been cranked up to 11 during this pandemic.  Let’s show them our appreciation!  If you’d like to purchase and deliver a care package, sign up below and you’ll be given more specific direction.

2.  Christ Church Cares Initiative – We wanted to find a discrete way for our people to let us know about the help they need during this pandemic (food, errands, bills, etc.). If you are in some kind of need, please let us know by using the simple form linked below!  If you know about someone in our church who needs help, encourage them to fill it out.  We can’t promise to meet every need, but we will do our best.  Also, if you’d like to be a part of meeting some of the needs in our community, please email Amanda at

We are finalizing plans about new initiatives to reach out beyond our church community and we hope to share those with you next week.

Have a great week!

We send emails throughout the week with various updates, video, and content.  If you’d like to receive those emails (for either Overland Park or Mission) CLICK HERE to sign up!

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