Sharing Life’s Blessings

Happy Monday!  This morning I want to give you a quick devotional thought from yesterday’s message followed by a couple of resources that you might be interested in.

First, yesterday’s message about blessings still has me processing personally.  I am counting my blessings today, reflecting on the good things that I have in this life thanks to our loving Lord.  Additionally, we learned yesterday that the purpose of blessings is for them to be shared with others.  That idea has really captivated me.  So, for example, my kids are a great blessing from God.  What does it mean to share that blessing with others?  Perhaps I can find ways to connect the joy and energy that they possess with people who are lonely or isolated.  I want you to think this week about how the blessings of your life can be shared with others.  Remember, blessings include both things that are tangible (“stuff”) and intangible (inner blessings of hope, joy, and peace).  Take a stab at sharing a blessing with someone in your life this week.

Second, I wanted to share a couple of resources that you might be interested in.

  • A Survey – Jason Veach (assisting clergy and doctoral student) crafted much of the series that we’ve been in over the last 7 weeks.  He would love some feedback on this project.  Would you help him out by sharing your thoughts?
  • A Vision Event – Last night many people from both of our congregations joined a zoom meeting to hear about where we’ve been and where we’re going.  We recorded the vision section of the meeting if you’d like to hear it.
  • A Politics Perspective – If you need one more reminder this week about how a Christian could think, speak, and act during a political season like the one we are in, check out Bishop Todd’s message.

Have a great week.  We’re praying for you all.


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