Greetings in Jesus’ name!

Well, it has been a crazy week. Dean and I sent out a response yesterday regarding Wednesday’s events. I am now writing this on Thursday afternoon and do not have a clue as to what might happen between now and when you will receive this email tomorrow morning. So, I’m going to press on and write about something that I do know … and it is good news!

We finished 2020 in the black! Due to your generosity and reduced expenses from the pandemic, we finished with a net income of $104,242.20. Thank you and thanks be to God! We received over 95% of the income that was committed for the year. In our current circumstances, that is absolutely amazing. You are wonderful, generous people.

Therefore, as we announced earlier, all of that money has been set aside for use beyond the walls of Christ Church by adding to the “Hospitable Mission” category of our Bring Life to Others fundraising effort. These funds will help our international and local mission partners, as well as extend the hospitality of God to our school partners and neighborhoods. This is a great win for the kingdom!

Also, with regards to our 2021 generosity initiative, we currently have 277 commitments. It has been very difficult to communicate this year because we have such fewer points of personal contact. This has made this effort especially challenging, and we still have quite a few people/families that we have yet to hear from about their giving plans. So, if you would like to make a commitment, it’s not too late. Simply click HERE and fill out the online Commitment Card. Our Finance Team will meet on Monday evening to finalize the budget for 2021.

More than ever, keep your eyes on Jesus! Stay in the Word and in worship, either in person or online. And don’t spend too much time consuming media – social or otherwise; it’s not good for your soul.


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