Do You Recognize His Authority?

Authority doesn’t mean much if it’s not acknowledged and respected.  For example, the authority of a new supervisor at work won’t mean much to you if you don’t respect their right to hold that position and trust that they are competent to help you thrive in yours. Authority works best when it is easily validated by us and we are able to joyfully submit to it, knowing that it is for our good.

As the Bible shows us, Jesus holds authority.  Our reading yesterday from Mark 1 told us that Jesus had authority in both what he said and in what he did.  He taught with power that captivated his hearers; he performed amazing works that demonstrated his power over real forces in the world.  Christians believe that Jesus, as the Son of God, wields all the power of heaven and is the master of both life and death.

The question for us is this: do we recognize his authority?

It is one thing for him to hold the position.  It is quite another thing for us to acknowledge his power and joyfully submit to it, knowing that it is for our good.  Do we trust him?  Are we willing to push all of our chips in with him and submit to his teaching and work?  Do we believe that his words hold the power of life and that to pattern our lives after them is the way to the fulness of life?  Will we open ourselves up to his work in our lives, giving him full access to make us new?
Jesus Christ, I trust you. I believe that you are the Son of the Living God.
I want to trust you more. I hold some of your teachings close to my heart, but I confess that I have pushed some of them away, refusing to submit to them.
I believe that you are a good God; help me to accept your authority in my life,
to surrender my life completely to you, knowing that you are for me.
In Jesus’ name … amen.

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