Fall Life Groups

beginning September 23

Starting on Wednesday, September 23, Life Groups will meet online to explore practices that are central to becoming a church for others (see below). The evening will start  via Zoom with some announcements before breaking into private “Zoom Rooms” for an hour of discussion with your group.

Everyone is invited; you can do this study with your current Life Group or get connected with a new one.

The cost is free.

God deeply loves our world and desires to redeem, heal, and restore all things. One of the ways Scripture describes this vision of restoration is through the lens of hospitality.

God’s kingdom is portrayed as a great banquet where all are invited to the table to feast on grace and share in a healing, life-giving community. The church is made up of those who have received and embraced this invitation – but not just for our own sake. As we receive God’s gracious hospitality, we also join God’s mission to become agents of hospitality, extending the table into the world around us. 

In this series, we will examine six practices that are central to becoming a church for others: listening, proclaiming, praying, forgiving, eating, and blessing. We will explore how these practices are cultivated in us as we worship together and what it looks like to engage them for the sake of others.