Jenny Behrens | Front Office Administrator | 913.648.2271

I was in the third grade when I first began attending Christ Church and I’ve never really left!

Many of our current staff members were a part of my spiritual formation as a kid in the youth group, and to do this day they still point me to Jesus. It is a very good place to be!

I received dual majors from KU in both English and Psychology, and spent all of my summer breaks working as an intern with our Student Life program. After I graduated, I apprenticed in the realm of Pastoral Care for a couple of years before serving as the director of that ministry beginning in 2007.

I left staff shortly after our family started to grow and, now that they are all school aged, I’m back! This time I’m working in the front office at 91st and Nall coordinating the church calendar, scheduling the use of the building, and generally keeping the office up and running. It is delightful to be around such a wonderful congregation and staff.

Dean and I met for the first time in the Christ Church parking lot (romantic!) and were married here in 2005. Now we have three awesome kids.

I love The Lord of the Rings (it is a beacon of the Truest Story!), all the nature documentaries (David Attenborough is the best!), and birds (northern flickers are my favorite!).