Kristi Swob | Preschool Coordinator in Mission

My family and I arrived in the alley behind Christ Church Mission to gather and worship with people (in the flesh) during the pandemic. We never left. The sense of community, hospitality, and hope we felt in those hard days redirected us to Christ Church as our home.

I took an unconventional path after high school and spent close to a decade on the west coast pursuing a career in the performing arts. It was near the end of that decade that Christ captured my heart, and I chose to fully surrender my life. I fell in love with him and my husband, Dave, within months in 2003. We now have three amazing children and are living a true redemption story, by the grace of God.

Since then, I spent a handful of years as a nursery/ preschool co-coordinator at a large church in the Kansas City area where I loved serving children and families. I received a certification from Porterbrook Omaha for their two year theological training program in missional living and discipleship. My husband and I were also part of the leadership team of a small church plant in our neighborhood. One of my greatest passions is to see families thrive – living in the abundant life Jesus calls us into and has provided for us. In order to have healthy families, we need healthy people; I have spent many years leading and loving women and their children – organically, and in structured environments. I also work part-time as a dance educator where I have the opportunity to influence the lives of children, as artists and beyond.

I am excited to join the Christ Church Mission team, leading our youngest parishioners. It is a great privilege and joy to not only teach kids about Jesus, but to also demonstrate his love for them weekly. Showing up for families, helping them feel seen and known, and equipping volunteers are some of my favorite things to do.