Tiffany Mills | Family Life Director

My husband, Paul, and I started attending Christ Church in January 2015 and quickly discovered it was the place of worship, healing, and grace that we had been searching for. We met many dear friends through an Alpha course and quickly felt like we were home.

I have always been called to work with children and believe that Children’s Ministry is a great opportunity to build lifelong disciples of Jesus. My role combines two of my great loves: teaching bible truths in creative ways and equipping leaders to work with children. It is an honor and a privilege to share the love of Jesus with children and families and to pass the deep traditions of faith in Christ on to the next generation of Christ followers.

Paul and I have two grown children and two sons at home, so much of our time is spent at school events and sharing family meals as often as possible. I also enjoy reading, working out, and sampling all the amazing restaurants KC has to offer!